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Anticipating 2020

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Most Anticipated Game of 2020 - 2nd place badge

We started the year with a bang!

Massive Corporation’s flagship game Queen City Chaos was nominated for the Most Anticipated Game of 2020 by We were as shocked as we we’re honoured to be listed among the 21 contenders including AAA studios.

A wide version of the Queen City Chaos title screen showing the Regina skyline and main characters
Queen City Chaos

Voting took place for 2 weeks and then we got an even bigger shock – Queen City Chaos placed 2nd! Despite taking on some amazing projects across the country, fans rallied behind our 8bit love letter to Regina. A third surprise was that the game that beat us was Groove Gunner a hot new VR game from our friends and fellow Reginans – Bitcutter Studios!

Just a couple years ago Regina was a small town backwater that nobody in the games industry had heard of. Now we’ve got multiple projects garnering nation-wide excitement and attention. It’s fantastic to see the gamedev scene growing here. With support like this we know the future will be MASSIVE.

You can listen to the announcement podcast here: