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Brandins Buttons PC Puzzle Game on Steam

Challenge yourself with over 100 increasingly difficult puzzles in this classic button pressing game. Explore each one in Free Play Mode or attempt to solve them in the fewest number of moves possible in Move Limit. Generate your own puzzles in Random Mode to create custom puzzles of any size and with any number of moves. Too easy? Try disabling half of the buttons in Off Only for the most difficult experience, or test yourself with 10 mind-boggling puzzles in Challenge Mode.

  • 8 Different modes of play including Free Play, Off Only, Move Limit, Random and Challenge Modes!
  • Collect Stars by solving puzzles
  • Master puzzles by solving them in the fewest number of moves
  • Build your own puzzles with the Random Puzzle Generator
  • Full 1080p resolution
  • Swappable background themes and music
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Hindi!
  • Made entirely in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada with local artists, programmers, designers, playtesters and musicians.
Brandins Buttons Puzzle Game - Off Only Random 5x6 mode.

Out Now on Steam!

Trailer & Tutorials on Youtube


Design: Brandin Titanich

Programming: Kai Hutchence, Brandin Titanich

Art: Kai Hutchence, Alana Dunitz, Brandin Titanich

SFX: Kai Hutchence

Music: Emma Kramer-Rodger, Justin Bender, Megahammer Studios (Donovan Bonk & Robert Hunter)

Playtesting: Chad Davis, Justin Bender, Laura Smart

Producer: Kai Hutchence

Licensed and Published by: Massive Corporation Game Studios