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Game Development Services

We develop games and digital experiences on contract. Consider hiring us for your next project. Custom-built video games can be an amazing opportunity for stand out digital marketing or brand development campaigns. If you run an attraction or other popular location consider what a custom built video game can do for draw, engagement and retention. Looking to train employees or inform the public? E-learning, especially video game-based learning solutions, can provide excellent results, making for fun and memorable experiences making people more interested, committed and adaptive to the material.

If you’re interested in having custom video games, e-learning or game-based learning material developed, drop us a line at (info) at this URL and we’ll be glad to set up a no commitment consultation meeting to discuss your project.

Canadarm 3 Commander

We recently developed a custom arcade-style video game for the Saskatchewan Science Centre. Funded by a grant from the Canadian Space Agency the game helps teach about the upcoming Canadarm 3 space robot, the Artemis missions, and Canada’s role in space. While developed to be accessible to young visitors to the Science Centre it has a wide-open depth of difficult allowing fun and challenge for visitors of all-ages.

Unfortunately it is currently only available at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

Previous Works

Our team of professionals have done lots of work before Massive Corporation Game Studios got into the custom built project game. Here’s a couple highlight projects from their previous work.

Path of the Elders

Developed for the Mushkegowuk Council it’s a free online game designed to teach about the traditions and history of the Mushkegowuk and Anishinaabe Peoples covered by Treaty No. 9 in Canada. Design work for the game included deep cultural understanding and partnership with community leaders. The game include 6 different mini-games fitting into a larger narrative and game structure. Sadly the current version, now 15 years past its initial release, has not been maintained correctly and numerous bugs may affect gameplay today.

Try the game online here (external site)


e-Learning Healthy Lifestyle Informational Experience

Developed for Algonquin College, this interactive experience challenges the player to explore their lives as Algonquin college students, exploring the range of facilities, the city around them, and their own home. Developed as a student support it provides tips and tricks for success in student life the user can discover hidden among the scenes.

Try it Online here (external site)