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Check out our commercial release games and in the works game projects here:

Cheese Runner

In a post-apocalyptic future, cheese has been made illegal. Fight for all that is right and tasty by becoming an illicit cheese smuggler in a world gone mad.

Yes it was just about the silliest game idea we could come up with.
No, it’s definitely not for everybody.

Visit the Game page here
Check out the Cinematic Game Trailer here
Check it out on the Steam store here

Brandins Buttons

A fun and light casual puzzle game. Click on buttons to turn them on or off, can you get all of them off at the same time? Every button you click will switch the buttons adjacent – it’s not so simple! Your choice of soundtrack keeps things calm while you puzzle your way through 120 different puzzles, or play endlessly through the puzzle generator. Put your logic to the test with this headscratcher!

Check out the Trailer here
Check out some Tutorials for the game here
Check it out on the Steam store here

BrandinsButtons Puzzle Game Header Image

Queen City Chaos

The Queen City’s seen better days… Where are all these mutants coming from? In typical fashion the cops and adults don’t seem to want to do anything about it, so it’s up to you and your boots to save the day!
Our homage to NES brawlers meets love letter to our hometown. Sadly currently on hiatus after covid ruined so many of our plans for it, but we’ve still got a demo we show occasionally and we do plan to revive it someday.

Check out the Steam page here

Unidentified Fragging Overlords

A silly little game jam game, pilot a UFO and wreak havoc! Abduct people and livestock for experiments, reduce buildings to rubble, fight off Earth’s opposing military forces! Endless runner style gameplay meets end of the world destruction. See how far you can make it!

Play it Online on Game Jolt
Check out the Sweet Poster here