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Massive Learning – Summer Camps

Massive Corporation’s new Massive Learning division is proud to announce our new Summer Camp series!

We’ll be running summer camps in 2021 for Kids and Teens ages 12-16. Unlike most summer camps, we’re not just introductory material, and we’re not just running them with summer interns. These camps are top of the line, advanced skills development to turbo charge your teens tech skills! We’ve got professional game developers, animators and designers lined up to work directly with kids to answer their questions, teach them key tech skills, and inspire them towards the amazing opportunities that tech skills can provide them.

No one offers better training to inspire your kids to develop and pursue tech skills. Game development is the most inspiring and interesting way to learn tech, and our array of opportunities are among the best instruction they can get anywhere.

Participants will get to learn directly from our team of professional game developers including Massive Corporation CEO Kai Hutchence, a 5-time entrepreneur, founder of SaskGameDev and industry support organization, gamedev with over 4 million downloads of his products, and coding education expert that’s guest lectured in dozens of universities and colleges across Canada and taught over 4000 kids to code.

Game Development

Get hands on with game development using Scratch. While lots of camps use Scratch and are good for an introduction, we are pushing Scratch to the limits. Using this open and accessible tool, we’ll cover off important concepts in programming with lots of tricks and techniques of game development. Over the week we’ll concentrate on a single project to build out a much more fully fleshed out game, covering a lot of subjects and methods other courses never get into. Participants will learn aspects of game design, programming and digital vector art.

Sign up Today – Space is Limited!

Game Development* – Week of July 5th
Mornings (9am-11:30am MST) – Spots Still Available
Afternoons (1pm-3:30pm MST) – Spots Still Available
*Participants must already be experienced with Scratch

Game Design

Not a programmer? That’s okay, there’s plenty of great jobs in design too! Come learn from the pros how to design games like a professional. You’ll learn how to bring your ideas to life through screen mockups, level designs, combat design, narrative design and data management. Learn the key skills needed to bring projects to life and transferable skills for the UX/UI, Product Management, Web and App development as well as gamedev careers. Participants will get to flesh out a project over the week long course learning a myriad of professional skills.

Sign up Today – Space is Limited!

Game Design* – Week of July 12th
Mornings (9am-11:30am MST) – Spots Still Available
Afternoons (1pm-3:30pm MST) – Spots Still Available
*Participants must have OpenOffice installed

Other Summer Camps Coming Soon!