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Brandins Buttons Launch!

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BrandinsButtons Puzzle Game Header Image

We’re proud to announce Brandins Buttons is now available on Steam!

Our first release has hit the Steam store and we’re thrilled to finally start sharing our games with you.

Brandins Buttons is a classic puzzle game focused on logic. Simple to play but hard to master these abstract puzzles will have you scratching your head.

The game comes with 100 puzzles to solve, along with 10 challenge puzzles, and support endless replayability thanks to the random puzzle generator. With 8 modes of play you’ll have plenty to unlock, especially with our star rating system ranking your performance.

With an abstract theme and core logic gameplay, we wanted to make sure this game could reach a wide audience to provide fun for families around the world. We’re happy to say, it includes support for 10 languages on launch including: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese!

See our Brandins Buttons page for more info!

Gran juego de rompecabezas de lógica

¡Obtén Brandins Buttons en Steam! ¡Juegos de rompecabezas clásicos disponibles en español!

Grand jeu de puzzle logique

Obtenez les boutons Brandins sur Steam! Jeux de puzzle classiques disponibles en français!

Tolles logisches Puzzlespiel

Holen Sie sich Brandins Buttons auf Steam! Klassisches Puzzlespiel auf Deutsch!

Отличная логическая игра-головоломка

Получите кнопки Brandins в Steam! Классическая игра-головоломка доступна на русском языке!

Harika mantık bulmacası oyunları

Brandins Düğmelerini Steam’de Alın! Klasik bulmaca oyunları Türkçe olarak mevcut!

महान तर्क पहेली गेमिंग

स्टीम पर ब्रैंडिंस बटन प्राप्त करें! क्लासिक पहेली गेमिंग हिंदी में उपलब्ध है!


在Steam上获取Brandins按钮! 提供简体中文经典益智游戏!

훌륭한 논리 퍼즐 게임

Steam에서 Brandins 버튼을 받으세요! 한국어로 된 클래식 퍼즐 게임!


SteamでBrandinsButtonsを入手しましょう! 日本語で利用できる古典的なパズルゲーム!