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New Year New Look

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firework exploding in the night sky

Happy New Year everybody!

We’ve been planning it for a while, but now’s the time for a relaunch of the website. We’ve got a new look and new focus for the new year. While we’re still in the business of producing our own games, we’ve taken a fairly big turn towards the educational front, and also opened up to doing contract work. So for those of you interested in commissioning a video game, it’s good news – we’re available!

While we still love games, and will continue to plug away on our own titles, we’ve really enjoyed working in the educational space, and wanted to help (in particular educational) organizations understand games and get the most out of them. Last year we did a game for a science centre and it was a wonderful experience. We partnered with an old friend who was also looking to change up what they were doing, so the time just seemed right. With our background in education it just seems like a no brainer to do what we can to improve the state of educational games and help others (especially informal learning centres) discover what games can do for them!

So we’ve revamped the site and we’ll be posting about game development, digital marketing, e-learning, game-based education, coding education, digital citizenship, pedagogy, philosophy and more at least one a month here now. In addition to the new focus we’ve got some big things to announce this year so we’re looking forward to a new year of growth, opportunity, and helping people discover the amazing joy and potential of games!

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