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Flashcard Quiz Jurisdictions: Canada Activity


This activity works as a quick introduction to the concept of jurisdictions and government powers and
responsibilities. Students are randomly assigned a selection of topics via flashcards that they must then find in
the Jurisdictions: Canada web game and complete a student worksheet to summarize their findings.
Expected Duration: 30 minutes

Learning Outcomes:

  • identify a range of government responsibilities assigned to them
  • summarize their in-game findings about the government activity or influence


● 126 card Jurisdictions: Canada flashcard deck
● Flashcard Quiz Student Worksheet


Introduce students to the Explore mode of the Jurisdictions: Canada web game. Demonstrate how to change
scenes, scroll around and click on objects to learn about them and page through the text information provided
in game.

Students will now search through the game to find the objects on their flashcards and fill out the worksheet for
each card – listing the name of the object, a description of the picture representing the concept in game, where
they found it, and something they learned about that topic and how government relates to it.
If the students have blank spots on their worksheets, have them add additional entries for any objects that
interest them.

When done, students can pass along their flashcards to another student, and repeat the activity.


After the activity, facilitate a class conversation about what the students have found and learned. What
surprised them? What hadn’t they considered? What functions of government are they most happy about?
What aspects of government play the biggest role in their day to day lives?


Download this Activity as a pdf here
Download the Flashcard deck as a pdf here
Download the Student Worksheet as a pdf here