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Teacher’s Introduction to Jurisdictions : Canada

What Jurisdictions: Canada Is

Jurisdictions: Canada is a free, online, interactive learning experience offered by Massive Learning to help teach about the jurisdictional division of powers in Canada. This resource includes multiple exploratory game modes where students can learn about the governmental connections to the things they see in the real world through four different scenes of daily life in modern Canada. It provides students a way to understand their world at a deeper level, appreciate the benefits of society and government, while learning key curricular goals regarding the division of powers and responsibilities.

In addition to its direct focus on governmental powers and responsibilities among Federal, Provincial and Municipal government, Jurisdictions: Canada’s inclusive look at the real world provides support for conversations and learning about other government, social and environmental issues and curricular outcomes.

How to use it

Jurisdictions: Canada has multiple game modes with different time and complexity scales to support the broadest range of students and classroom strategies. In addition to the online web resource, we’ve created multiple classroom activities, an introduction document and glossary to help teachers get the most out of the digital experience.

Curriculum Connections Across Canada

Each of our classroom activities includes notes about the curricular connections it provides. This information is given for each provincial curriculum and sorted by grade. The game focuses on Social Studies curricular goals focusing on Canadian government, but with its representation of modern Canadian society, has many tie-ins covering a range of social issues and structures in Canada. Below, find our suggested activities chart by grade/age and achievement level to help you quickly incorporate this learning tool into your classroom.

Suggested Grades & Activities Table

Activity / Grade456789
Flashcard Quizxxx
Scavenger Huntxxxx
Play & Discussxxxxx
Government Who’s Whoxxxxx
Media Fact Checkxxxx
Mail-In Campaignxxx

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