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Scavenger Hunt – Jurisdictions: Canada Activity


Students may choose a worksheet with one of seven themes of government responsibility;

  1. Going Places, 
  2. Living Healthy & Safety, 
  3. Power & Resources, 
  4. Trade & Communications, 
  5. The Environment, 
  6. People & Culture, or 
  7. Law & Order

Each of the worksheets lists 15 to 20 different objects which students must find in the Jurisdictions: Canada game. For each object, students will record the name of the government responsibility and one interesting fact they glean from the informational text. Finally, students will write a small summary about their chosen theme and its importance in their life and society in general.

Expected Duration: 60 minutes

Learning Outcomes:

  • explore and learn about different aspects of their chosen theme of government responsibility
  • recall and analyze their findings to construct a summary of their theme of government responsibility


  • 1 of the 7 themed Scavenger Hunt Student Worksheets per student


Introduce students to the Explore mode of the Jurisdictions: Canada web game. Demonstrate how to change scenes, scroll around and click on objects to learn about them and page through the text information provided in game.

Students will now search through the game to find the objects represented on their worksheet and enter the name and interesting factoid about how government relates to it.

After completing the worksheet, students will summarize their findings by writing about the importance of the theme in their life and in society at large. Students may consider commenting on the complexity of the theme, government involvement, relevant regulations, how government helps unity efforts surrounding the theme and creates opportunities for employment and development.


After the activity, facilitate a class conversation about what the students have found and learned. What surprised them? What hadn’t they considered? What functions of government are they most happy about? What aspects of government play the biggest role in their day to day lives? What aspects of government are they most interested in?


Download this Lesson Plan as a pdf
Download the Student Worksheets above