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Status Update

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Its been a while since we’ve posted, so time for a status update on Queen City Chaos.

We’re definitely behind schedule, but we think its for a good reason. While we are still working hard on Queen City Chaos, we’ve only been able to put in half the hours this year.

Late last year we joined up with Kids Code Jeunesse to help teach teachers from across Saskatchewan how to teach kids to code. Things went so well that we decided to work together on an ongoing basis to help teach both kids and teachers about coding

KCJ - Code Create Teach - Teachers Coding Workshop Oct 2019 - photo courtesy of RDIEC
KCJ – Code Create Teach – Teachers Coding Workshop Oct 2019 – photo courtesy of RDIEC

While there’s still some time this year, we’ve managed to teach over 100 teachers and 1000 grade 3 to grade 8 students how to code! We might be behind schedule but I think it’s worth it when we can change lives and help our province catch up in the field of computational thinking and coding education.

After a Scratch workshop during a coding themed summer camp with the Saskatchewan Science Centre – photo courtesy of the Saskatchewan Science Centre

We’ve been able to help kids and teachers discover great coding tools like Scratch and MakeCode and deliver hundreds of micro:bits across the province. These tools not only help our students get introduced to the vital field of computer science, but also help unlock their curiosity and creativity

Micro:bits workshop for Sacred Heart Elementary school – photo courtesy Lindsey Shaw

Partnering with other organizations we’ve tried to reach as many kids as we can. We’ve helped introduce kids to coding and to video game development across Regina, as well as in Pense, Balgonie, and working with North Central Hacker Dojo even all the way out to White Bear First Nation.

Micro:bits workshop with North Central Hacker Dojo on White Bear First Nation – photo courtesy René Dufour-Contreras

We’ve always been about growing the video game development industry here in Regina and Saskatchewan as a whole. Ensuring our kids have access to technology and more importantly have access to experts to inspire them to learn both tech and creative skills is laying the groundwork for our future.

Talking about ancient aliens? Nope, just a micro:bits workshop at O’Neill High School in Regina – Photo courtesy Dean Vendramin

Now with that said, we are still working on Queen City Chaos, progress is being made. We’re hoping to have a demo released worldwide soon. Wile we’ve had public demos at events for over a year now, we’ve added some new features that we haven’t shown yet, so there should be some surprises even for those who’ve had a chance to play the demo in person already.

Thanks for your patience and we should have plenty more news coming soon!

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